Activated automatic safety

The ingenious active hinge ensures that you are protected once you have activated it.

Thus, when you remove the needle from the patient the safety mechanism snaps over the needle tip automatically, immediately protecting the user.

No way out

The one-way safety gate allows the needle to pass through
and then traps it.

The mechanism completely covers the needle,
making it impossible for the user to be accidentally stuck.

It’s engineered to hold different size needles.

Clear line of sight

An important feature of SWiNG is that it can be rotated so you can see where the bevel of the needle is.

You can make sure that the safety mechanism does not interfere with your line of sight.

Goodbye to dead space

The amount of dead space has been reduced to the absolute minimum.

SWiNG Clic-on ads no dead-space at all.

Less dead space means less waste of the medicine you’re injecting.

Wide Range Protection

The unique safety mechanism of SWiNG Clic-on has the ability to be used with any luer slip syringe.

SWiNG Clic-on is non-sterile, which is an extremely cost effective safety solution.

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