Flexible Grip

The wings of the CLiP WINGED products are hidden under the wing-holder during insertion, allowing the practitioner to use a grip that is most comfortable and familiar to them.

The user can also choose to remove the holder before use if preferred.

After insertion the wing-holder is removed allowing the wings to fold down and form a stable platform for fixation to the patient, thus aiding a problem-free indwell.

Automatic passive safety

The safety mechanism is automatic so no additional action is required by the user during insertion.

There is a precisely designed bump on the needle, which ensures that the safety mechanism is activated.

Precise tip configuration

The consistent interplay between the needle and
catheter tip is based on years of development
experience to give ideal penetration characteristics.

Ultra sharp, ultra polished

To help users achieve consistent penetration, all needles are of superior Japanese design.

They are electropolished and back-cut, making them extremely sharp.

They cut rather than force a hole, which helps healing and leaves minimal scarring.

Transparently fast blood indication

The precisely imperfectly sealed flashback plug
ensures rapid blood indication.

Available in PUR and FEP

Our catheters are made from medical grade virgin polymers. You have the option between PUR and FEP.

PUR becomes softer in contact with moisture and heat, which in some situations is considered better for patient care.

FEP is like Teflon and therefore virtually friction-free.

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