Automative passive safety

The safety mechanism is automatic so no additional action is required by the user during insertion.

There is a precisely designed bump on the needle, which ensures that the safety mechanism is activated.

Full familiar control

The carefully designed wing holder requires no change in practice when compared to the standard ported or winged I.V catheter.

It maintains the same stable grip and full control over procedure.

Ultra sharp, ultra polished

To help users achieve consistently perfect penetration, all needles are of superior Japanese design.

They are electro polished and back-cut, making them extremely sharp.

They cut rather than forcing a hole, which helps healing and leaves minimal scarring.

Notched for fast
visual flashback indication

The needle is notched in a very precise way, in a very precise place.

The notch facilitates the flashback and speeds up the visual indication
because blood appears between the catheter and needle in front of the wing housing.

Virtually friction free

We chose to make the catheters from FEP, which is medical grade virgin polymer.

It is virtually friction free and requires only absolutely minimal lubrication.

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