Opinions on accidental needlesticks

Worried about needlesticks?
If you are worried about accidental needlesticks, and want to know more, or share your experience, there are a number of organizations worth looking at like www.allnurses.com.

Some of the nurses´ associations have successfully lobbied for the introduction of safer methods and products with regard to accidental needlesticks. Their websites generally offer forums for discussion and also feature recommendations and rules of thumb about what to do when a needlestick injury occurs.


The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has a long history of campaigning for improved protection for nurses and other healthcare workers exposed to the risk of needlesticks. Visit their website on www.rcn.org.uk and search for "needlestick injuries".

The American Nurses Association (ANA) promotes the rights of most of the registered nurses in the USA. It lobbies the U.S. Congress and regulatory agencies regarding healthcare issues affecting nurses and the public. By searching for “needlestick injuries” on www.nursingworld.org and you can read some of their advice about preventing and help dealing with the issue.


The Spanish Nurses Association - Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Enfermería de Espana - has been very active campaigning for the protection of healthcare workers and is a driving force behind a law on protection against needlesticks in at least five of the nation´s autonomous regions. Their website www.consejogeneralenfermeria.org is in Spanish.

Are safety mechanisms safe?
How do you judge if a safety mechanism really helps? When it comes to syringes, an eye-opening article was written in 2005 by Professor William A. Hyman at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University, entitled "Needlesticks: Are ‘Safety’ Syringes Really Safe?" Read it at here.

Share your experience!
In many cases, it seems that nurses care more about their patients’ welfare than their own. In spite of this, there is a growing discussion about needlestick injuries among healthcare workers.

With new needlestick injuries and discussions happening every day all over the world, we count on updates from people like you in the field. So please share your knowledge and experiences with other visitors of this website and us. We all want to eliminate needlestick injuries and would greatly appreciate your input.

Share your experience, opinion, or news source, in the Facebook group - Eliminating Needlestick Injuries.

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