Dividend policy

The amount of any future dividends to shareholders of Vigmed is dependent on a number of factors such as income, financial position, cash flow and working capital needs. Only when a long-term profitability can be expected, the payment of the dividend will be done. It is expected that a dividend will not be paid in the coming years, but available means will be used for Vigmed’s expansion.

A declaration of dividends is made by the Annual General Meeting and payment is handled by Euroclear. Whoever is registered as shareholder in the shareholders' register maintained by Euroclear on the record date to be decided by the General Meeting, has the right to payment of dividends. Dividends are normally paid in cash per share, via Euroclear, but can also relate to other things than cash, such as dividend in kind. If shareholders cannot be reached for a receipt of dividend, the shareholder's claim against the company is limited only by the general rules of prescription. In the case of prescription the full amount passes on to the company. Vigmed does not apply any restrictions or proceedings in respect of cash dividends to shareholders resident outside Sweden. Except for any limitations imposed by the banking and clearing systems, payment is made in the same way as for shareholders resident in Sweden. Shareholders who are not tax resident in Sweden are liable for a regular Swedish withholding tax.

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