Vigmed is a company within Medical devices. We are situated in Helsingborg with a mission to eliminate needle stick injuries within healthcare. Our philosophy when developing the first range of products was to provide the health care workers with familiar, high quality, affordable products, which provide increased protection from needle sticks. Today, we have marketed products for intravenous and arterial catheterization first launched in 2014 – all with an automatic safety function built-in. We have launched the products in all of Western Europe and selected markets outside Western Europe. We expect 2017 sales to increase by more than 50 percent compared to last year. Our short term focus is to establish ourselves in the market with existing or upgraded products, and long term to innovate and launch even better solutions than what is present in the market today.  

During 2017, Vigmed became part of Greiner Bio-One (GBO), which is a privately held, Austrian company within the medtech industry. Combining the innovative capabilities and “center of excellence” knowledge within Vigmed with GBOs market position and financial strength is expected to accelerate our growth even further.

Do you want to be a part of a fast growing company and help improve patient focus? Are you ready for an opportunity where you can make a positive difference in many peoples professional lives? Do you want to join a small team and impact the business and future success? We can offer you the possibility to shape the future of healthcare safety!

Are you up for a role as a game changer?

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Visiting address:
Kungsgatan 6
SE - 252 21 Helsingborg

Postal address:
Garnisonsgatan 10
SE - 254 66 Helsingborg
+46 42-280090
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