Vision and strategy

Our strategy is straightforward: In order to eliminate needlestick injuries as fast as possible, we need to scale up as quickly as possible with as minimal investment as possible.

A strategy of controlled outsourcing
The approach taken to achieve this, and at the same time deliver a good return to shareholders, is to have a policy of controlled outsourcing in close cooperation with carefully selected and specialized partners. This policy ensures there is a high degree of flexibility built into every stage of the value chain for minimal cost and invested capital.

In control of all key components
Vigmed maintains control of all the critical steps within product development as well as intellectual property rights and patents. In addition, Vigmed controls the manufacture of production tools as well as the manufacture of certain key product components, which takes place in Sweden.

Uncompromised quality
Our contract manufacturing partners install production lines that are developed and built by Swedish suppliers, in close cooperation with Vigmed, further strengthening the control Vigmed has over production quality. Not only are we exempt from sunk cost in plant construction, but our model also allows us to simultaneously increase capacity in each product-market combination at any time.

Building relationships together with distributors
To get our innovative safety solutions in the hands of healthcare workers around the world, we team up with premium distributors. This allows us to expand quickly with a higher service level at minimal cost and invested capital.

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